Designing creative custom printed lanyards

What’s in a lanyard, you think? Well, lots apparently. This is why many companies prefer to get their own custom printed lanyards.

Why do you need custom printed lanyards for your company?

Custom printed lanyards are widely preferred by companies as:

  • They establish the company’s identity and corporate presence
  • They create visibility and awareness for the brand
  • They are easily identifiable even from a distance with the company logo imprinted on them.
  • They distinguish employees of various departments or employees from visitors.
    For all the above reasons, every company needs to design and print their own custom printed lanyards.

Who needs custom printed lanyards?

Custom printed lanyards are a must for organizations belonging to:

  • Government sector
  • Corporate sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Educational sector
  • Non-profit organizations.

All these enterprises should definitely print their custom printed lanyards in their company colors and with their company lettering and logo.

Points to consider while designing a custom printed lanyard?

Designing a custom printed lanyard may sound like child’s play but it is actually a challenging task. There are so many points to consider.

  1. The material

What is the material that you intend to use for your custom printed lanyard? If budget and bulk-printing is your concern, silkscreen is the right material to opt for custom lanyard printing. Other options for materials used in lanyard printing are cotton, nylon, satin, polyester twill.

Nylon and polyester lanyards are in the form of cords with the company details imprinted on them. They are durable and can hold the Id card or even a USB device with a swivel clip or alligator clip or a split ring. Cotton lanyards are for those who are health-conscious or allergic to nylon. Cotton lanyards offer varied printed options on either side of the lanyard. Polyester twill looks and feels like cotton and is most comfortable.

The latest entry in the field of custom printed lanyards is Bamboo lanyards. A very eco-friendly option, these bamboo lanyards are causing a craze with their environ-consciousness. Since they are biodegradable, they are being preferred by corporates with biodegradability and come in various colors.

  1. The structure

Custom printed lanyards come in different structures- flat and tubular. Flat lanyards may be made of polyester twill or nylon.  Tubular lanyards are made of tube-stitched polyester and look like shoelaces. All are available in various colors and can have the company credentials imprinted on them.

If you are on a tight budget, tubular lanyards are the obvious choice s they can be bulk printed at a marginal cost.

the other option is to use the woven lanyard which has the company details interwoven or embroidered with a thread. This type of woven lanyards is not for you if your company logo has complex details.

  1. The printing process

Custom printed lanyards use 3 different types of printing processes- heat stamping, screen printing, and dye sublimation. Nylon lanyards are the best for screen printing. Heat stamping is done on Polyester twill. But for lasting imprints that never fade, dye sublimation is the process to go in for.

  1. The colours

Single colour or multi-colour is totally your choice and it depends on your need and budget. Some companies prefer to go multi-colour if their logo has various colours. If you are on a budget constraint, single colour printing will do.

  1. Delivery time

If you want your lanyards printed quickly, then screen printing works best. Dye sublimation as a process takes at least 10 days for lasting results.

  1. Purpose

If you prefer lanyards are to be used at conventions. Dye sublimated lanyards are generally preferred for lasting usage. But if your lanyard is to be used in a factory environ and needs a robust texture, it is best to opt for woven lanyards where the text and logo are interwoven using other thread. These are long-lasting and durable and resist wear and tear.

A lot goes into designing a custom printed lanyard to complete perfection. Keep in mind the above pointers while designing your custom printed lanyard and entrust it to the best provider for perfect results.

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