Limousines in New Jersey

The stretch limousine service NJ are a luxury, because with them you have your own driver and a large vehicle where there is usually heating and air conditioning, movable roof, tinted windows for privacy, refrigerator with drinks (minibar) and even telephone and television. That’s why for many it’s like a dream to travel in a car, because they can feel like the rich and famous they’ve seen in movies. But beyond what it may seem, limousines are not as expensive as they appear and in New Jersey there are a large number of companies that provide this transport service. There are various sizes (for 6, 8, or 10 people, even for 24 people, such as the Hummer limousines) and usually in two colors: white or black.

The limousines are usually rented by the hour and the prices range from $ 80 to $ 120, depending on seasons or holidays. For example, in summer and non-working days per party are more expensive than on weekdays. In the fall it is at the station that it is cheaper to charter limousines. Of course, always be sure to ask for a “stretch limo NJ “because otherwise there may be surprises and instead of a long and wide limousine a normal car is presented.

The limousines can be booked online (and on the way to see your catalog online) and you can even ask for one to pick you up at the airport. You can also find limousines waiting in hotel or disco tickets if you want to rent them.

The best option for groups of more than 20 people who want to go together. We offer many advantages over normal limousines in terms of comfort.

In our service you can stand up, dance, and get close to the bar to get a drink, without having to sit all the time.

An articulated bus with capacity for up to 75 people!

Dance floor, seats, and bar area. The disco bus always has a waiter who will invite you to the first drink!

You can take your music on the phone and connect it directly to the computer (Note: in this bus you cannot take the music in pen drive or CD)

What is included in the price Jaguar F-Type for Sale?

The prices indicated above include:

1 hour tour of NJ City with 1 cup in the disco bus

You can take your own music in MP3 or mobile player.

The prices are valid within the city of NJ.

This bus does not travel  Used Cars South East to nearby towns and cannot take the road, exclusive use by the center of NJ.

Due to the large size of the disco bus, the collection points and destinations must be very wide and easily accessible.

Drinks menu: * Valid price hiring before the event.

Cup voucher: 5 drinks- $ 18 (premium brands not included)

Other drinks consult

Note: it is not allowed to introduce drinks or meals not purchased on the bus. The drinks must be pre-contracted.

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