Custom Stickers Trends For 2019

Say the word “stickers” and the word sticks to your heart! Yes, almost everyone would have used a sticker in their childhood and this practice continues through adulthood while using car stickers, fridge stickers, product label stickers etc. Stickers are used universally for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

2019 Sticker Trends

Stickers are used interestingly and innovatively these days. Let us look at the latest trends in sticker printing in 2019.

A. Stickers At Home

Stickers find many uses at home.

1. Name Stickers of Individual Family Members

Print name stickers of each family members. These come handy while identifying their items and belongings and enable easy identification of lost items. Use the name stickers in these ways.

  • Stick a name sticker outside each room to show who space is it. Teens love to guard their space and kids feel proud to call their room their own.
  • Valuable items like mobile phones, vehicle keys, credit card pouches, wallets, and laptops can be marked with sticker labels and tags to enable easy tracing in case their misplaced.
  • Too many adults at home mean many medicines and pills and a lot of confusion. Avoid this by pasting name stickers on the individual medicine bottles or kits.
  • Even vehicles can have name stickers on them to show the owner’s identity.
  • Stick book labels on all the notebooks and books, school bag, lunch bag and water bottle of your kids. These items are easily lost and can be traced easily with the sticker.

 2.   Address Stickers

Address stickers are of great help for the entire family.

  • Stick an address sticker on all envelopes you mail. This saves you the writing time
  • Address stickers look elegant when pasted on greeting cards you end.
  • Have some stickers at home. If any guest asks for your mailing address for mailing invites, hand them one or two and they will sure feel pleased as their effort is saved.

 3. Innovative Stickers for Use at Home

All you need is a little ingenuity to make clever use of stickers at home. Working moms can print “breakfast”, “lunch” and “dinner” stickers. These can be pasted on the food containers and kept in the fridge. Children can easily identify the item to eat at each time even while their mom is away at home or the office.

B. Stickers At Office

An office has innumerable uses for stickers, such as:

  • Company name and logo stickers can be printed for use on all stationery, correspondence, envelopes etc. Even office items like furniture can bear this company sticker to show that it is the property of the office.
  • Company stickers can be pasted on all product boxes that are packaged and shipped.
  • Company stickers can be pasted on all company vehicles for easy identification.
  • Name stickers can be printed for top executives and these can be pasted on the files they need to peruse, much like name badges.
  • “Paid” stickers can be printed to be used on receipts indicating that payment has been made.

C. Stickers At Retail Stores

  • In retail stores, items on sale can be easily earmarked using “SALE ” stickers.
  • Discount stickers are of great use mentioning the discount on select items.
  • “Paid” stickers can be pasted on the back of boxed items to enable easy delivery.
  • “Thank you” sticker son every packed- and- sold item is a great gesture of showing gratitude to the customer.

Stickers are clearly the favorites of both adults and kids. All you need is to think of ways to use a sticker and soon it will be part of your home, office or everyday use.

Print stickers of durable quality and anti-fading colors in superb die-cut designs from a trusted print provider and use them to make a difference to your work and life in 2019.

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