Scott Beale Aviation – Soar the Skies With 3 Of Most Lucrative Careers in Airlines Industry

America is a country which can boast of many aviation professionals. However, hardly any of them can claim to be as successful as Scott Beale. Many experts consider this Ohio State University business graduate to be an icon within the industry. He began his career in this sector in 1995 by becoming the general manager of an airline company.

He eventually went on to buy this establishment in 2000. In the process, people specializing in this field got a glimpse of his entrepreneurial qualities. Unlike other similar organization, his concern doesn’t purchase or lease out aircraft. On the other hand, it manages the assets of other people.

He then employs these airplanes for long distance charter operations when they aren’t in private use. He also offers his service to the United States Government and the military. Today, he holds the position of Senior Vice President of Tempus Applied Solutions, in Williamsburg, VA. This company has a strong association with Aerodynamics Inc (ADI).

The Scott Beale Aviation team of professionals say the aviation industry has many career opportunities for ambitious individuals. However, 3 of the most lucrative and sought-after jobs in this sector are:

  1. Directors managing the aerospace program

This is perhaps one of the highest paying jobs within the aviation industry. An aspirant specializing in this field can expect to earn approximately $151,000 annually. This is a lot of money. The responsibilities of these individuals will depend on the organization he/she works for. Those who wish to apply for this post need to have a degree in business administration and engineering.

  • Flight engineers and pilots

Contrary to what most people think, commercial pilots perform a variety of tasks. These include monitoring air traffic, fighting fires within aircraft and even test flying new models. Many airlines company prefer to offer such post to individuals who have undergone military training. Aspirants with flight training certificate from accredited institutions can apply for such jobs. However, they also need to possess a college degree. The average salary for these occupations can be around $1,17,000 a year.

  • Engineers responsible for managing aerospace project

People who apply for this post need to engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of the aerospace sector. On top of this, they got to have exceptional communications skills to direct the members of their team.

In many cases, they have got to hire individuals and evaluate their work. Some may even have to handle the budget of the project they work on. They can expect an average annual salary of $82,000.

The Scott Beale Aviation  group of specialists say the aviation industry can turn around the fortunes of many people. However, they got to be willing to work hard. These individuals just need to look at the above three lucrative jobs in this sector to know this is true. It is a decision they won’t regret making.

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