Setup your business in free Zone of Dubai

Dubai has plenty of opportunities for a business and is probably one of the best places to start a business. If you are looking for free zone company formation in Dubai, it is a very simple process and you just need to follow some key steps to startup. The authorities handling the free zone require some minimum formalities to be fulfilled in the form of paperwork and legalities.

All countries give certain benefits to their investors and so does Dubai. As an investor you might be eligible for various discounts and additional benefits. So find out in detail about all the benefits you are eligible for as an investor.

Some of the steps to keep in mind are:

•Determining the type of business you’d like to setup.

•Choose the right name for the business entity

•Get a license

•Get the required pre-approval

•Declare the investment amount (there is no minimum or maximum amount)

Before you start this process you need to know some vital information for your better understanding.

What is a free zone?

If investors are looking at free zone company formation in Dubai, they should understand that they can register their new company as a Free Zone Establishment or FZE. It is a type of company that has one shareholder and comprises a company within the premises of UAE. A free zone company is basically authorized to open branches in UAE and conduct business as usual.

Why invest in Dubai free zone?

Dubai is the most important tourist destination of the world and attracts visitors from all over the world. For investors who are interested in startups, Dubai has always been very encouraging. Dubai has several economical advantages and stability for the investor. These are some of the benefits of free zone company formation in Dubai. Also the process is very simple and easy. You need to identify the place to open a business in the free zone and find a local sponsor. You also need to establish your visa status and eligibility and you can start your business easily.

What are the benefits of free zone company formation in Dubai?

Some of the most important benefits are that Dubai is the shopping capital of the world. They organize special events to promote various businesses throughout the year. One has the choice to explore several of tyes of businesses to set up and Dubai free zone authorities have a comprehensive list of businesses that can be opened. However, some types of businesses are against Dubai’s government and cannot be set up in UAE. Even these types of businesses are listed on the government website.

The final words

Many investors from India want to head to UAE as they know it is a very lucrative option for them and also very profitable for their business. Having a couple of branches in UAE can be very profitable and the process is very easy and simple as long as you have the right partner on board. So do not hesitate to propel your business into the Middle East.

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