The Best Places in the UK to Buy a Commercial Property

Investing in real estate in the UK this year would clearly pay off, as the PwC report of 2018 indicated that the UK boasts of being the first runners up for the European countries with the highest rates in real estate investments. In the UK alone, the real estate market was valued at €64 billion in 2016, which is expected to shoot up further. While commercial properties in central London are increasingly becoming costly, most individuals are turning to commute.


According to PwC, Manchester city appeared amongst the top 20 in the overall emerging investment prospects for the year 2018. This has been attributed to the 8.8% increase in property pricing as at 2018. The Northern Powerhouse initiative by the government to boost economic growth saw a £1 billion investment that benefitted Manchester’s local economy and city centre, creating a remunerative investment market in the city. Furthermore, Manchester’s transport infrastructure enables it to easily connect to cities across the north western region of England. Manchester has a population of 2.73 million people, further enlarging the economy. This high population increases the demand for buy-to-let accommodation, hence more opportunities for commercial property investors.


Birmingham has, for a long time, maintained its spot as one of UK’s top places to buy properties to let. Large firms and investors are shifting their focus to Birmingham as Brexit threatens to cause inflation in London. The city’s population continues to grow while more schools and universities have been set up within the last decade. This goes to show that the Birmingham real estate industry is a gold mine.


In Hertfordshire, England, lies the town of Stevenage. It has an indoor and outdoor market, making it a busy town. This makes it an ideal ground for many businesses and for this reason, the town has over the past decade experienced sharp increases in the commercial property lease and rental rates. Data from indicates an alarming 6.3% increase in the average price of a house in the town in 2018. It is a commuter town in close proximity to London and this is more reason for individuals to be more compelled to purchase property in the town. Stevenage is connected to the Great Northern Railway which is linked to the Farringdon and London Bridge Station and these connexions are more likely to cause further appreciation in property there.


The town of Slough in Berkshire, England is clearly an ideal place to start, with over 4,500 businesses in the area. This vast field of employment opportunities is a gateway for many entrepreneurs who are seeking to invest in commercial properties in the area. Large companies such as Unilever and Ferrari have set up shop there, creating an opportunity for settlement. Furthermore, it is easy to commute from Slough to London by Train which would normally take 17 minutes.

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