What kind of villain have you been entangled recently?

Which of the following four curtains do you like best?

  1. Printed vintage curtains
  2. Canvas card curtains
  3. Floral garden curtains
  4. Linen American country curtains

Test results:

  1. Recently, you are easily entangled in the bad guys who pretend to be good people. You are kind and innocent, some people are good to you, you will definitely remember to return your kindness. Then some people lurk around you, not really good to you, maybe just to use it. But you are kept in the dark and moved by the other side to you.
  2. Recently, you are easily entangled in vicious little people. You are a little weak, even if you are wronged, you dare not speak out. When you are betrayed, you rarely consider retaliation. A vicious person feels that you are weak and can be bullied, and you will bully you without paying any price, and will not be retaliated.
  3. Recently, you are easily entangled by the despicable villain. You are very good face and always can’t bear to reject others. Despicable villains like to wrap people like you. Their insight is very strong. Knowing the weaknesses of your face, you will immediately ask you too much. Want to get rid of them, you have to succumb to reject them.
  4. Recently, you are easily entangled in the wall. You can easily hear rumors, and you are very vulnerable to deception when you encounter the windy grass. These little people are very smart, they just take a profit. They not only deceive you but also deceive others.
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