4 Kinds Of Mezzanines That Helps To Enhance Warehouse Storage Space

It is well known that mezzanines serve as an excellent choice for enhancing the work and storage space in your facility. Do you know there are numerous kinds of mezzanine? Here in this blog, let us discuss four popular mezzanine styles which can be used in the distribution or warehouse center.

Freestanding mezzanine: It is mostly used for additional product storage and parts. Freestanding mezzanine does not come with the building. It needs a floor with specific load rating for working employees and storage. These mezzanines can accommodate pallet racking or shelving and remain highly flexible. It also offers a tax advantage as it is solid capital equipment.

Building column associated mezzanine: In this model, it depends on the present building structure for balance and support. It is important to design and develop your building in such a way it supports extra loads when you are thinking to use this type of mezzanine. It is also possible to design and develop a mezzanine which can be fixed to the walls or building wall. It has columns which help in resting on the floor.

Rack supported mezzanine: The specialty of this model is it is constructed above or in between the existing pallet rack. Once you have decided to make use of this model, you need to ensure that your rack system can support the additional load. As there is rack structure already installed, this mezzanine model remains economical than the free-standing structure. It helps in developing catwalks if the mezzanine has been installed in the middle of the pallet rack.

Shelving supported mezzanine: One of the popular and famous mezzanine models is shelving supported mezzanine. It is suitable for preserving small items along with the existing shelving. It can be constructed along with a deck overhead for the workspace. It can also be added with more shelving that helps in offering extra storage space.

All these models and styles of mezzanines are readily available. If you are having a warehouse with limited workspace, you need to consider selecting a model that is suitable for your requirement. It is important to find out which model works best for your company. It is recommended to get assistance from a mezzanine vendor since you should not go wrong when it comes to selecting the right model, size and variety. The vendors have wide experience in selecting, installation and maintenance. They help to design and install the right mezzanine system with all add-ons.

The professional mezzanine dealers arrange installation and delivery of the material handling equipment that includes rack and pallet racks systems, safety equipment, mezzanine, wire partitions, netting and much more.

They help clients to find out the best option.  No matter you require a shelving system, pallet racking system, a modular or mezzanine office, they discuss your requirement and find what is exactly needed for your business. They help in designing systems in such a way it accommodates the existing space in the warehouse.

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